"Time" to resurface!

Monday, October 4, 2010

I am back after exactly 6 months.. Yup am sure everyone noticed :) Well, considering that most of you are brimming with curiosity regarding the disappearing act, I will bring you upto speed! Here goes..

I have shifted from Ahmedabad to Bangalore ( It feels so good to say that!) and have joined the HR division of Time Analytics Services. We cater to the offshore operations of Time Inc., the US publishers. In the past, I have read articles where people with varied interests should choose the profession as the foreground and the industry as a background, just so that they don't see the invisible black hole that they can easily be lost in.. I can now relate to that with HR being in the foreground and the media industry being the background. The perks here are fabulous with independence in thought, radical work culture, and the latest edition of magazines to read.. I am surely not complaining :)  Its been a great journey so far and my role involves helping set-up the HR department. Here, I am doing more hands-on work with regard to implementation, the details of which I'll spill in a later article!

There has been a lot of changes in terms of transitioning the city, job, home and perspective.. and all of them seem to be positive in nature :) Ofcourse, there have been certain lop-sides too but it is easily outweighed by the former (You can't blame me for ranting considering the time gap!)

Now that I have firmly planted my feet on the ground again.. it is Time for a comeback! (Am sorry, but you'll have to bear with the "Time" statements, atleast for a while)

Looking forward to having some loyal eyeballs redirected to my blog address again.. Till then, Adios


the funny bone said...

did my blog help you to start writing again ? (did i write do bad that you thought its time world should get some good blogs)

Radhika said...

Yes Rajat.. You're my inspiration.. always will be, always have been.. :)