A positive verdict!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I have always been a little disappointed with the pessimism exuded by the Indian Media.. where they flash us with bad news in the early morning paper, highlight the sorrow and wrath of people and ignore the positives. It almost seems like the goons perpetually have a gun on their heads which help them tune the moves.

Well, recently I realised that the media is actually capable of highlighting some good as well, and it sure came as a welcome surprise.

The Pre-Ayodhya and the Post-Ayodhya was managed quite well with the media where they did not exploit emotions like anger, hatred, and ego but instead covered the more positive aspects of harmony, peace, and justice. Also, they did not go to extremes but maintained a balanced outlook while covering the reactions of both Hindus and Muslims. So, the media is still intelligent to understand what is good for the country, what we are sensitive about! The fears, anxiety were well doused with no riots, no injuries, and no heated tension.. it was calm to a large extent although the government was well-prepared for just the opposite.

The media certainly deserves some credit, after all they do play a big role in influencing and shaping our behavior and thoughts. After all, they do bear a large responsibility..

(I just hope that this time it wasn't the Prime Minister with the gun on their heads instead..!)