Atyachaar (in some form)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

John Abraham! Yup.. He seems to be playing the pseudo-Shahrukh Khan version by being In Your Face!! The situation goes like: You settle comfortably in the couch (in my case, a bean-bag) after a long day's work hoping for some distraction, hit the remote button and see a decent face (John Abraham). You think well, lets try another channel and hit MTV.. oh he's giving an interview about his upcoming movie, you flip and hit 9XM, oh.. his upcoming movie's song.. does not sound that great.. flip again.. and now I hit a channel showing Emotional Atyaachar, a reality show.. but wait a second What on this mighty heaven is he doing HERE??!!!

Like Hullo.. When will people realise that excess advertising can lead to adverse effects? There is a guy who is distraught about his girlfriend getting cosy with a stranger and here sits the Spiderman (I like him the most among the 3 man's.. In case you're wondering I know the plural is "men") narrating tales about how he is weaving more intricate webs in his new movie. How on earth is this remotely related or am I just blind?

The movie doesn't look that great.. the songs are not on the tip of your tounge.. John Abraham is not the hot bod anymore.. and reiterating this over and over again is certainly not helping their case.. Will someone be kind enough to tell them that?

I can't believe I am writing a blog post on this.. and am starting to wonder if its the "top-of-the-mind" strategy that they are hoping to nail.. Blech

I have a message for him - Stop stalking me Dude, and GET A LIFE!!! There.. I said it...