I would like to remember..

Friday, April 2, 2010

I would like to remember ..

.. The day I smiled,
When my parents celebrated my first birthday
When I pompously sprinted with my best friend
When I scored a 3-pointer in a crucial basketball game
When I saw my first published work with a by-line
When I wore my first graduation robe
When I was profusely thanked for all the support.

.. The day I cried,
When my mother reprimanded me for telling a lie
When I scraped my knee while swinging too high
When I felt guilty for hurting a friend
When I did not pass the test for a single mark
When I experienced the pain of a broken heart
When I was not sure of treading the path.

.. The day I was puzzled,
When my father told me he would always be proud
When I felt jealous of the girl next door
When I felt tears after saving the dog’s life
When I was told that life would be cruel
When I pondered about the existence of God
When I tasted freedom in defying the norm.

I would like to remember
.. Every day that’s passing by.


Hridesh said...

hey... how's it going ? stopped writing again ?

Radhika said...

Ha! Finally someone noticed!! :D
Just been busy bcoz of d shift and all. I'll be moving to my own place in a couple of weeks.. shall resume then.. Hows it going?

Hridesh said...

hehe.. I see... so is it indiranagar or koramangala this time ? everything is going fine here... I've become a lot lazier of late... Mom came here and spoilt me... still recovering...

Radhika said...

I am sure.. she went with the same mission.. he he he.. indranagar jai hind!

Hridesh said...

hey... cool indiranagar is a nice place... hope everything going fine at work etc... just noticed this interesting site by ppl enthu about marketing... thought you might be interested... http://www.themarketers.in/

i just realized u r into hr, but i've typed so much already, i don't want to delete it.