Recruiter? Generalist? Trainer? Or...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When we look around ourselves all we see our question marks, choices, crossroads. When we choose a profession there are so many sub-options that you either discover them during your career path or are too engrossed in the forced specialisation that you have chosen. Example: You want to be in the medical profession but you can be a surgeon, neurologist, dentist, pediatrician, dermatologist and the list is endless. In HR also the dilemma remains the same. 

If you are at the beginning of your HR career or are not at the right place maybe these tests will help you learn a little more and gauge a fair aptitude in various HR aspects:

I was also surprised to know that Monster has a dedicated HR Forum: I would recommend the forum for some good HR articles which are crisp and add value. Exploring the forum kept me glued to the site for some more time and it made me ponder about the importance of catching up, the need to race ahead and the need to make constant changes. I also seemed to have a sudden new-found respect for Monster and its ability to highlight itself in the crowd. Definitely worth a mention and, in your case, worth a glance!


Sudarshan said...

Hi Radhika,
I am Sudarshan hr link member..Your post is very useful..But i clicked the linked and took the test to choose a right hr career.But i was asked to sign up for monster account..! Unfortunately it asked zip code..which i entered my area zip..which it did not accept..Please let me know what i shd do get over this problem..I am very much interesting in taking this test..! Please help ! I request you to mail me at