Career Quiz: What is your Holland Trait?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It is far easier to judge another than one's own self; similarly it is far easier to advice another rather than hit a bullseye on what you really want or what you really can do. How many times have you found yourself taking a personality test, an entertainment quiz or an interest test. We can never really convince ourselves that we know all about ourselves. So just to give the tiniest peak into what might just be your career type, here is a quiz based on Holland Codes. The six typologies he identified are, according to him, expressions of personality and are preferred by people in descending order. The codes are:

  • Realistic - prefer dealing with things. 
  • Investigative - prefer dealing with things and ideas.   
  • Artistic - prefer dealing with ideas and people. 
  • Social - prefer dealing with people.
  • Enterprising - prefer dealing with data and people.
  • Conventional - prefer dealing with data and things.
So take this quiz to learn more about your career type:

Hope the quiz strengthened your conviction or atleast you had fun :).. Would like to receive some feedback on its effectiveness..


atul said...

The test is fun and is indicative of one's preference or deep likings.

Its like a small mirror to your personality.

Take that and thanks !