Advertising for a reason..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Imagine that you were given the task to market yourself to a 50-member audience and you have 20 minutes. Possible? I am guessing most of us would consider it as possible. Making it more challenging, lets say the audience grows to 200 and the time allotted is 10 minutes. Well, some of us will still like to take up the challenge. Now consider that you have 5 minutes and your audience size has grown to 5000. Before you start to believe that this is just some stupid hypothetical situation that you will never encounter, take a breath and imagine the plight of advertising agencies. They have 15 seconds to convince millions that they are the best; they have 15 seconds to inform, attract and arouse your curiosity so that when you hit the local market, the malls, the streets, that one ad campaign will reside in your short-term memory and their product will land in your shopping carts, your living rooms and your long-term memories. Further, print and outdoor advertisers are awarded 1 second of your precious time, perhaps lesser!

Rightly pointed out by a friend, India has recently picked up aggressively on Public Service Advertisements. Banks, broking firms, insurance companies, automobile, tourism and several other industries scream out loud hoping you can hear or feel a meek. These ads challenge your current comfort zone, push you to be self-motivated, and challenge you to step out of the norm. Their tasks almost seems appalling yet in their own unique way they hope that, that 1 second will unanimously help to better the world. Their ads are usually shocking, they shoot straight through the layers of logical mind-processing, and hit you right where it is supposed to - Ideally! But behind this lies immense hardwork, passion and intellect - remember they are there to persuade billions of people in only 1 second. Here is a showcase of some brilliant work:

And, here's my personal favourite:

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They are making a difference. Are you even trying to?  


shabu said...

ok so what exactly are you saying??

yes the ad guys are puttin in a lot but cant say much about some of them which are really crass in taste. TOI keeps putting them in their sunday times. and of course the tv has dozenz of uuugghhhh ones.
but are you saying we should start advertising ourselves ???

Radhika said...

I was just pointing out the sudden aggressive trend towards public service ads and saying that they are doing a gud job.. !

In the Indian markets suddenly you see a whole lot of insurance, pension, banking ads as well as government campaigns spreading awareness. Then there are the Tata Teas,Aircels and Nokias (pvt cos) who are also pooling in..

Was not trying to prove a point just acknowledging their presence and work! :)