Hockey - National sport?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Yesterday while I was watching parts of "Chak De India" (yet again), the pace and the background score excited me regarding the on-going hockey matches. But as the movie came to an end it struck me that in reality I have not seen even a single hockey match! Hockey is supposed to be our national game but it really seems that the newer generations are going to rewrite that. The Hockey World Cup 2010 is unfolding live from India and still the excitement is not even a 100th as compared to a routine IPL cricket match. But somewhere it is sad that the hockey players who sweat as much to bring our country names to the top of the worldwide charts are not even recognised let alone admired (or worshipped!). 

"Chak de India" was a fantastic movie that brought emotions of patriotism, passion and perseverance; it also desperately clinched on to the remaining recognition that the sport receives in India. But alas! we Indians are known for our short-term memory. We rise together as quickly as we begin to fall and forget. Do you remember Abhinav Bindra and Vijender Kumar? Do you think you will even bat an eyelid when you hear their name after 2 years.. I fear not! There is a thread of similarity when it comes to more serious issues like security. Example: There is a bombing and there are further bomb scares which follow for a week and on the 8th day you can plant that second bomb assured that people have forgotten. We are so easily smugged by our daily lives that we continue cribbing and forgetting knowing well enough the hypocrisy behind the remarks.

Well, although I may not see myself as an ardent follower of Hockey but let me atleast make sure that the sports news I read keeps me updated about its ongoings. A start is a start.. and what better time to catch up than the World Cup. India has got off to a flyer with a 4-1 win against Pakistan this sunday.. so cheer them on.. they can use a little more support..


Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...

Post which they have been thrashed by Australia...........that's been the bane of our hockey......inconsitent & an inability to make quick strategic changes!

Radhika said...

The same is true for cricket too!
Atleast hockey should get enough attention so that it attracts young ppl to play the sport.

Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...

Tell me honestly, off the cuff, how many hockey players can you name.

Cricketers will be at the tip of your tounge, I'm certain!

Also, what captures public imagination is numero its the angraz basha & angraz game........every dog has its day!

Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...

And now Spain, thrashing us on our own turf!

Poor Major Dhyan Chand would be writhing in his proverbial grave........

Radz, you must select a new sport to write about! Kabbadi & Kho Kho, we still seem to be good at!

shabu said...

well you did your part chowdhary :D
but that is just the way it is. Will take lots more than a little awareness and ads on tv to entice indians to even give a cursory glance to hockey. :)

but ya lets do our part. you and me one on one game of hockey ?? wat say :D

Radhika said...

Sir: I mentioned earlier in my post that I like many others have not seen any hockey match myself! And me, including others, should not be glued ONLY to cricket! Kabaddi and Kho Kho can be dealt with later as today hockey still remains our national game!

Shabu: You're on! :)

Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...


I appreciate your self righteous indignation! National game & all!

With saving the Tiger, I think hockey too needs a group on face book........

In case you guys need a refree, you can count me in, for the small fee of a pitcher of beer!

And don't discount kabbadi, its about to become an Olympic sport.