Job vs Relationship

Saturday, February 6, 2010

There is a lot of humdrum about keeping your personal and professional lives separate. People try hard to bring objectivity in order to minimize influence from one phase to another. However overlaps are inevitable. Similarities are unavoidable. My expertise at "Hocus Focus" in The Telegraph makes me more observant of such similarities and differences. People around me primarily seem to be juggling these 2 decisions, so here goes..

Quitting a job is similar to Quitting a relationship.

  • You keep postponing the act until you reach the final brink
  • You think of a million reasons to explain, knowing well that practice will not make you perfect
  • You are never sure if the decision is right unless you taste the future
  • Emotional atyaachar is underway
  • Only if you are extremely lucky will the notice period be waived off
  • Your next involvement is a sure-shot way to avoid looking back
And most importantly..
  • There is NO "right" time to break the news. You have to undergo the awkward phase anyway
  • There is NO agreed or success formula to reduce the shock or pain
 So be brave and chant your mantras so that the obstacles can be crossed and you come out a winner :)

The choice is yours.. Which one will it be??!!


shabu said...

Goooooood one. i like the way you pull out the obvious stuff which usually gets pushed under the carpet. :D ... or is forced into the blindspot !!

Radhika said...

Thanks.. Hope this post motivated someone atleast! :D