A rough day..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I rushed. As I panted, I ran like the wind past the dark and narrow streets. I saw several familiar and unfamiliar faces that reflected ignorance and aloofness. I looked behind. Those hulks were still chasing me while my tiny leaps were competing the Great Feet. They were inching closer with great speed. Years of experience had taught me how to control such situations. Escape. Exactly what I did. I woke up startled. This is what I like about dreams/nightmares - you can stop them when you want to. When you see something dreaded you just force your eyes open and there you are back to reality.

I got up groggily with beads of sweat and a sigh of relief at my successful attempt to avoid such circumstances. I was wondering about the turn of events if I were a few seconds late. With my skill at multitasking (both physically and mentally), as I got dressed, I pondered how it was already Thursday. I would imagine it to be only the third day but here I was, plopped on a Thursday. Heavily distracted, I tried to disjoint activities of the week but the missing 24 hours confused me. However, I trudged along a little disappointed at the immense loss.

I ran through the day's events like checking my mails, catching up on some news and articles, online networking (chatting sounds lame), blogging, fooling around with my colleagues - all interspersed with work! I could still not push the thought of the lost day. How could I have missed it? My days' events are not so nerve-wrecking and tightly scheduled that it would make a real difference. But somehow it did. I wasn't on a lonely island like Tom Hanks, nor was I part of a sci-fi movie that took me to parallel dimensions of space and time. Yet, I still sat here, one day away from the boring weekend.

As I was wrapping up there was some last-minute interviews that required scheduling. As a matter of habit, thanks to my absent-mindedness, I always use the "Calendar" tool extensively knowing well that the probability of a miscalculated date or day is not so unusual. The icon popped open and in a casual and disheartening glance I looked up to see that 4th of February was a Thursday. Sigh!

Wait.. Nooooo!!! There was suddenly a "Joey" moment where the world glances patiently for him to comprehend. AWednesday! Today was a Wednesday.. The thrill in my mind darted like the speed of the light. I was still on Wednesday! I was right! I did not lose a day. Instead by the end of the day I found another one! I only had the "Calendar" to thank.. and as always it saved my day.

Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction. Any resemblance to a person living or dead may remind you of me. But, its not me! Really! Although, I like the look on your face..



shabu said...

:0) now this is what i call interesting. full of spunk too.

you can write !!!

Radhika said...

Ya.. I was a lil sceptical about this one.. But thanks for the loyal vote of confidence :)

Himanshu said...

dats a blog...!!!
marvellous...u must hve thing like dis 4 all d days...makes life easy..
keep writing, ur gud 8 it.