Mysore aka Maisuru

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I was surprised to see "Maisuru" being reflected on the Live Traffic Feed from my Blog. It did not take me long to figure out that this is equivalent to Mysore (thanks to the State and country mentioned too!) But I was puzzled. I wasn't aware that yet another city has been added to the bandwagon.

I have never really understood the significance associated with changing the city's names. Reasons like "It was english," "It sounds more patriotic or Indianised" fail to make sense to me. A city is known for its people, culture, attitude, tradition and values. A change in the name of the city does not change an ounce of these ingredients that the city is built up of. When I was in Bangalore it started to be called "Bengaluru" but nothing else changed. We were leaving the same lives, the air reverberated the same vibes, the political regime continued to be divided and chaotic, people still seemed to be stuck in traffic signals and we still had college to attend!

The outward changes will never change what we feel or believe within. Thus rather than busying ourselves making meaningless changes it is better to make small meaningful changes that would really make a difference to our lives.. hopefully towards the better.


shabu said...

ok now, things did change. The name change followed with the deadline of 11.30 being implemented across all entertainment. the late nite shows begin at 9 p.m. and not at 10 like before. basically we started becoming more retro grade after the name change, though gradually and thats when it was not noticed.
and chowdhary philosophy is cliche and you are capable of much more ... so get on !! :0D

Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...


I could not disagree more!

A name, may not mean much, to us reasonably rootless folk, but to many, it indicates their dreams,aspirations and in the case of Mysore or Mysuru......& if the majority in a democracy wants it that way, then so be it.

Also, Mysuru, may be retrograde, in terms of its name, but is right now all dug up, under the JNURM, for modernity, which is taking away the flavor of the city,more than the change of name, in itself a tragedy & a pity.....

Much of the traffic accidents at Bengaluru, occur in the zone, from about 2200 to 0400 hrs, caused by people who have consumed, unreasonable quantities of if the extreme step of shutting pubs & bars down early seems, retrograde, then many of us here in this city would cheerfully like to be called old fashioned if it saves one life.

After all, freedom calls for responsible behavior!

Have a nice Sunday!

Radhika said...

I don't think that it is the change of NAME that has or is causing the changes. Changes are based on the need of the hour. The 11.30 deadline started way before "Bengaluru" came into being and as mentioned one of the prime reasons might have been due to the accidents. And I am not really sure about the democracy wanting the names changed!
These I feel are just political stunts to influence the citizens and not really in the genuine interest of the cause.

As for Bengaluru, it can't get more diverse and cosmopolitan. It will offer you a taste of both traditional and modern. It still rocks :). Its not the name, its the city!

Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...

Exactly, when a city, is not really effected, by a change in name, why not humor, the lot who ask for the change.

Also, it is the people who make, politics & not the other way around....

Finally, the change from Mysore to Mysuru, has neither been gazetted or notified, so I'm a tad puzzled?

I can also tell you, that many of the traditional Kannadiga crowd, will welcome a change in name, if & when it does occur.

Are you aware, that American Hindus, have spent 3 BN USD in constructing temples accross N America, over the last couple of years..............I wish they had spent 50 Millin USD in setting up education institutions in India, from where they got their education.

Rationale & Sentiment, what do you choose?

Varun said...

Hi Radhika

One think I want to tell you people that you people must respect the sentiments of local people. It is our duty to encourage Kannada in Karnataka. The IT boom doesn't mean, we should live like European's and loose our naivety. It is the time to show our rich culture and tradition to the world.


Radhika said...

Varun: Appreciate your comments but I was just like to clarify that I have no objection in the change of names but I just feel that as citizens we are more concerned about the outward impression rather than what is happening on the inside.

For Example: We say that we love India but how many times have we thrown random litter across the streets, how many citizens are seen urinating at public places etc. The sentiments are important but don;t you think along with it true patriotism and actions should follow?

Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...


I'm afraid you are all over the place on this blog.........if you do not have an objection to the name being changed, then why did you write the piece in the first place?

Also, as an evolving nation, patriotism & nationalism lies at various levels & has little to do with etiquette.............the Chinese for example are very nationalistic but are as bad as us, when it comes to hygiene.

Finally remember, that the folk you might bump into at ABS, Kormanagala or even South Bangalore, do not represent the opinion of the people of this state..................It is very easy for me to say, why was Bombay changed to Mumbai, Calcutta to Kolkata or Ooty to Udagamandalam, but 'am I qualified to comment?

Nice Sunday!

Radhika said...


It's not about the name literally. It is just a metaphor for outward changes. I am just saying that the outward changes should be followed by some internal changes or rather I believe it should be vice-a-versa. Kolkata has not changed Calcutta - infact with the continuing trends I'd rather rename it to Calcutta again! :)