Are you sporting the right image?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

How would it feel to be the centre of attraction .. where people are jostling to get a glimpse of you eating, sleeping, wandering; where acquaintances, friends and strangers are flocking from all over the globe to come visit you; where they bring food and gifts to please you; where those around you look towards you with awe and admiration..

Even a Wild Ass from the Rann of Kutch can draw the same attention.. so much so that people are willing to travel and pay to catch them doing nothing! Similarly, it is not a daunting task to be known, recognized and sport a popularity tag but this does not necessarily spell good.. (Does Paris Hilton ring any bells?) Drawing the right kind of attention is more important..

More so for corporates, brands, and celebrities who are much affected by people's sentiments. They must work hard to create and maintain an image that are aligned towards positive signals. These will provide intangible (and tangible) long term-benefits especially when they launch a new product, diversify into a new venture, and ride tough waves. If we compare the Tata and Reliance Group, whose products and services are we more likely to rely on? As an outsider whom would we prefer as an employer? As an investor whom would we prefer being a shareholder of? Ratan Tata or Mukesh Ambani? The brand ambassadors speak.. So do their brands.. while the image sells..

As for the exotic animals who draw attention from the Faraway Lands... the beauty is they don't realize their own worth... Modesty (in this case, ignorance) helps underline that worth...Corporate lesson: Never overestimate your own worth!