"Sweet" success ...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Imagine two instances - One, in which you receive a box of chocolate and the Second, in which you won the box of chocolates as the winner of a competition. Which will you treasure more? Ok, I know both(after all, chocolates are chocolates!) but as an afterthought we are more likely to remember the latter instance more vividly. In life we learn and experience that our most significant achievements are those for which we have toiled hard. The sweetest fruits borne are those for which we have doubled our energy and effort so that when we reach our destination we can feel on 'top of the world.' Parents scold their children warning them that only once they start receiving that hard-earned money will the value be known. The boys who are given a hard chase by the girls (before they grudgingly say "Fine") tend to treat the girls better!

Similarly, this is true for the Recruitment & Selection process of a company as well, especially a knowledge-intensive industry where human assets are the most expensive and prominent possession. Companies must make efforts to make the hiring process rigorous as this leaves an imprint on the selected hires' mind. The challenge and the effort will make a hire believe in his potential while he will also treasure the offer much more opposed to a loose interview process that was easy to crack. It also sends a message to the candidates that the company provides a quality work spectrum as they are determined to make intelligent decisions rather than those based on instinct or the dire need to get people on-board.

From an employer's point of view, the rigorous process will help organizations reduce the probability of making costly mistakes (recruitment and training costs), evaluate the competencies of the candidates as against the job, benchmark quality and define the company's work standards.

Most significantly, companies who are said to have rigorous procedures will also tend to build a more dedicated workforce where Attrition will be significantly reduced. A workforce which thrives on talents, potential and quality - one that is boasted by the Microsofts and Googles of the world. It is an underlying secret practiced by most where you must always Keep your bosses happy... why not extend it to your potential hires as well... Self esteem has only hurt a few while the majority has marched towards success!