Un-hogging the Limelight!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Enter India - Enter Sports - Enter Cricket - Soon you will be hit by a world of information, involving different countries, different series, ongoing matches, mind boggling statistics and the humiliation faced by the BCCI once again! The BCCI which is the richest cricket board in the world has been hit hard, and probably where it hurts the most. Undoubtedly a massive viewership and an ardent (read obsessed) follower list has also not enticed corporates to come forward and Sponsor the Indian cricket team. In comparison to the 400 crore deal signed by Sahara in 2006 as a four year contract, the BCCI now expected companies to pay around 162 crores annually!

According to sources in the board, the interested parties were supposed to deposit a security amount of Rs 50 crore by November 22, two days before the actual date of submitting the bid. BCCI is seeking Rs 3 crore for each Test, ODI and T20 match. From 170 international matches India are expected to play in the coming four years, BCCI was hoping to raise at least Rs 510 crore from the deal.

Sounds ridiculous? Funnily, it takes me back to the enormous salaries that MBA's used to lug home when the industry spelt "Boom".. and then the recession came in with such a Bang that the sufferers could only hear that "Life isn't slated to be fair!" Over estimation of value is a dangerous gamble as one does not know where and when to stop but when it does it is nothing short of a stunning bubble burst that cannot be undone. Unfortunately, the observers, seekers, and the inflaters sail on the same boat, the only difference being that they take turns to row!

We shall overcome..... one day.. some day .. :)


Nagaraj said...


You are turning quite nautical. Nice! Have you tried a hand at rowing a boat???????????

What you say about 'lugging' huge salaries home, before the recession hit us is true & it is but natural that many people feel aggrieved, that they may have missed the bus.

But then who said that life is fair? Life is fun, but not necessarily fair!

I think there is some good & bad news.

The good news......

Jobs are going to be available, in greater numbers.

The bad news.......

Economic cycles are going to be sharp & ruthless.

The solution.....

Be alert.
Be comitted to a job. Do not change jobs, unless absolutely necessary.
Live frugally & save for a rainy day ( unless of course your dad/mom/husband/wife is super rich & is prepared to bankroll you)
Most of all learn new skills all the time.( critical- do not fall asleep on a job )

Viel Gluck zum Geburtstag.........

Nice blog!

Radhika said...

Haha.. thanks.. Although I am sure you are biased coz it involved a bit of the sea!

Rowing? No.. Just Paddling.. Ok.. I know it sound lame but that's the fact :(