Will HR cater to industry needs?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's quite interesting to read the various changes and trends in the field of HR. It feels like I have enrolled in another module or course that is teaching me the transition from the old to the new practices and the shift towards future trends. Say, we believe that HR has finally managed to leave its footprint in the strategic world of business and left behind voices of HR being an administrative and a paper-pushing field. What next?

Many companies (especially SME's and start-ups) still consider the HR department as a Cost, given their limited resources and the lack of expertise also deviates their focus from the department. These businesses cannot be ignored given the stated facts regarding SME's in India:
  • There are 13 million + SME Units
  • They employ 42 million people
  • Account for 45% manufacturing output
  • Account for 40% national exports        
                                                      ... Source: Business Today

Thus, if the need arises (and it eventually will), they prefer outsourcing various HR functions like Recruitment, Training, Payroll and Legal activities. The ERP modules help in integrating Grievance Handling, Customer Relations, Database Management and so on. So as a business person one would look for HR Houses that can cater to their various needs rather than relying on different vendors for different needs. So you can picture numerous HR professionals with different functional and domain expertise under one roof catering to various clientele needs. XYZ is my recruitment consultant and my excellent experience propels me to avail the payroll services as well. The client saves time testing waters,  briefing and ensuring a complete understanding of the company's work profile and functioning, and also calms his apprehensions and nerves! This reminds me of the trend which is moving towards Social Networking Aggregators like TweetDeck, Orsiso, Digsby which are aiming at integrating the various social networking sites (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc) so that an individual has an organised web presence rather than an incoherent and disjointed effort.

The online forum already has a framework implemented in the form of CiteHR, HRLink which houses voluntary HR professionals of all HR functions to discuss, share, exchange businesses. If these sites are well monitored and their sanctity remains so that the goal to brainstorm and grow HR is still considered primary, then these sites can become a big hit with the web which is already starting to prove as "The Second Life."

It isn't enough to be the Jack of all trades, or the Master of one.. we need to be the Master of all trades and the King/Queen of one (atleast!).


rajat said...

dynamis of Business is still evolving in India and how it shapes up is yet to be seen... Personally we have seen that cut copy paste of foreign practices has not entirely worked in India. India being a Socially integrated Country which runs high on empotion the need of Human Raelationship will be quite dynamic and unique from other countries ... Specialisation is thing for future and market for HR should be good if they have a model catering to Indian need !!

Radhika said...

Yup.. thats an interesting thought.. we need to wait and watch to see the extent that the "emotion" bit is retained in business as well as Human Relations. Although I feel that with the pace of technology even countries such as ours will be bent towards a less emotional approach (although it may still rate higher than other Western countries). Also HR aspects like "Employee Relations" and "Grievance Handling" might have more impact in countries such as India and Japan.