The bleak silhouette...

Saturday, October 31, 2009

As I flip the pages of the morning newspaper, surf the 24/7 news channels, filter the news of iGoogle, I remain disappointed. My day starts with the knowledge that wars are being fought, people are being burnt, terrorists are posing a threat, the global warming is taking a toll etc etc. Is the world really as dismal as is potrayed? Is there no ray of hope? This reminds me of the story we read in our literature books during school with regard to the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the author rightly pointed out that he will not describe the gore, the trauma and distress in great detail as after a certain point, people will become insensitive to the pain and the purpose will soon be lost! We are already facing that loss...

When a molestation case or a murder case evolves, the news seem to include it in the Top Stories for the next one month but if there is some noble deed or an achievement, if lucky, the news occupies some share in the limelight for a maximum of 2 days, like the recent news about the Nobel Prize laureate Ramakrishnan. When a certain YSR (former CM of Andhra Pradesh) dies he occupies the first page with his glorious deeds only to sum up with stories of people suiciding due to the same. Was the media unaware of his contribution so far? Did he have to face a death to make his contribution felt? Half of you might have even forgotten the 2- month old story by now..

We talk about the world ending, people going to the dumps, lifestyle going haywire but what we don't realise is that at every aspect of our life we are attuning ourselves towards a certain direction. By only highlighting the pessimistic news the reporters are underlying a current that makes the cynical smirk and the optimist shudder. We are subconsciously becoming more fearful to take the right step, displaying hopelessness at any endeavor started, adhering the urge to point fingers and also getting used to this pathetic scenario.

Its time that the Indian press and media take charge of the responsibility laid on their shoulders. They, with their massive reach, can make a difference, can create an opinion, can motivate the masses but I wonder what is hindering them to do so.

I know most journalists will say that the masses like sensationalism, they like action but its like giving a shark a taste of blood. The shark will enjoy the odour of the kill, warmth of the blood and seek more meat which will eventually lead to destruction. But is it such an impossible task to condition the shark to stray away? People have instilled remorse and pain so deeply within themselves that some even consider it beautiful and poetic. The surrounding news just helps in triggering such emotions as they have nothing different to offer not because it isn't available but because they choose to hear the cash registers ringing (at any cost).

In all corners of the world, there are a significant few who are trying to move grounds, fighting for a cause, hoping that their work leads to the betterment of some being. Would it not help if they receive a little motivation, share a small piece of the limelight and get a fair share of public support. Who knows, it might also encourage us to join can do the world a world of good :) ..


Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...

I liked the sharks & warm blood part.....said like a true meat eater!

I saw a few sharks in my time, both at sea & on land ( two legged ). The ones at sea were prettier.