Who will "talk" their way out of this?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Followers of mine are fools" - this is a common statement seen on Bangalore roads sported by bikers. Unfortunately this was the mantra practiced with dedication in the telecom industry but things are set to change and the statement is starting to hold meaning here as well.

The hammer is struck on telecom players yet again! Just when telecom players have been rushing to preserve their market share by slashing prices due to Do-co-mo's (The ads are all over the place and the tune is quite tacky!) revolutionary tariff plans and Reliance's Simple Plan the TRAI has schemed to give them much heartaches.

Come January 2010, consumers will only have to pay Rs.19 to change their telecom provider while retaining their number. Although this was to be implemented this October or perhaps earlier, due to the various fallouts and voices the process has been delayed. But the long due controversy between the telecom players and the consumer forums met with a rest after this announcement.

It will be interesting to see the upcoming changes and strategies of the telecom providers. What will be their competitive advantage - cost, quality, customer service or all. I can almost see the industry in a whirlpool which will read unpredictability, destruction and chaos.

Four new firms, including ventures of international telecom operators, Etisalat and Batelco, are set to start services in India this year, and MNP would clearly make it easier for them to lure existing subscribers, according to an analyst tracking the telecom sector. 

MNP - Mobile number portability - will be a rude awakening for those who have been thriving on hidden costs, poor customer service, high subscription and maintenance charges. Those who always wondered what was the useless cry about retaining consumers, loyalty programs, and happy customers have an answer engraved in bold with an underline.

The common man will be smiling as now the free will (Stop complaining about 19 rupees) applies in the true sense while the Christmas Santa will be visiting a little later on the 31st of December! Happy talking!



Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...

It is not new that customer is king.....Gandhi said it eon's ago.

I agree that Cell Operators were getting away with murder for many years & competition has forced them to be more competitive.

I guess you should also reflect on the fact that we have the cheapest mobile rates in this country.

In the US incoming calls are charged as well........

Lets not kill the Golden Goose.