Thoughts meet reality..

Friday, November 20, 2009

"India won its independence in 1947 thanks to the Mahatma Gandhis and Bhagat Singhs while the rest who went along were lamely trudging along"; "Indira Nooyi has reached such great heights while your mom has been busy trying to give you the best life by sacrificing her desires"; "Swine flu still does not have a cure while those researchers have been lazing around so that they can devote their entire life to save yours"!

If we look around, people are always talking about Great things.. Great people... Great organisations.. no one seems to bother about small contributions.. small gestures.. small sacrifices. It bothers me sometimes to see people always going after the BIG picture while ignoring the embedded jigsaw pieces. I am not sure if they are deliberately ignored or is it plain out of sight.. The same goes with people who choose to see black and white while ignoring the grey shades in-between.

The smaller things in life are like an undercurrent that determine the quality of life, their influences may not starkly blind our eyes yet they help shape our psychological being. As an individual you don't need to conquer the world because you will continue to gain as much respect by being heroes to those who matter around you. In our course of lives me must not fail to appreciate the landscape, the rains, the sunshine in the same way that we should not fail to find time to turn our heads around and tag those along who are working hard to bring the smile on our faces and the peace in our minds..

Enter OB's theories of Need for Power, Need for Affiliation, Need for Achievement. Result: The reality today! .. and thus appears the twinkle in my eye .. and slowly the thoughts subside... :)