Monday, September 28, 2009

I am planning to pick up a new Laptop and I keyed in on Dell and Vaio. Now, there were three factors which were to influence my judgement - Price, Durability and Mobility. My personal experience guaranteed the durability attached to Dell and Vaio obviously was a better product for mobility, the price among both the models I chose was not a significant distinguishing factor.

Enters Abhimanyu (my cousin).. He suggested the MacBook. We debated for the next half an hour and compared all 3 brands vigourously and sure enough I was convinced. He offered to even lend me his "student" status so that I could avail the Student Discount that Mac offers. Later he told me that he had convinced 4-6 other members of the family to change their decisions and opt for Mac! To a third person this might seem "joblessness" but Abhimanyu genuinely cared. There was no selfish gain...

He hadn't been assigned on a secret mission to ensure the spread of Mac by Apple nor was he assure of a guaranteed commission on every sale that he makes. Then what has motivated him to self-appoint himself as the Apple Propogator. The answer is simple.

Today, when we are bombarded with varied logos, colours, tag lines, different modes of advertisements, the easiest way to create that long-lasting impression is to let the product do the talking and then let the user continue the echo.