The story of a blog created successfully...!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I am thrilled! I finally managed to create the "on-my-agenda" blog. Reading and writing has long been my passion and I pursued writing with dedication during my 3 years in Christ College. I wonder what made me discontinue the practice.. maybe lesser opportunities, maybe other interests, or maybe plain laziness. Allright, I vouch for the latter too...

Procrastination is a dangerous insect and once an individual gets stung by it, it is not so easy to find the cure. So today I make a solemn promise in the public space to sustain this blog and voicethe LATENT NOISE regularly.



roopali said...

I am happy to see that you have started nourishing your long lost passion, writing.
All the best and please keep up the momentum and the zeal else I know that the characteristics you have written about yourself of being lazy is very true, i vouch for it too. So beware.

And Happy Writing.

Radhika said...

Thank you for showering so much appreciation. I am touched! :D