Monday, December 6, 2010

This post is more of an infomercial, wherein I am going to do some goodwill marketing that gets clouded among the hyped trash that we are hit by in our everyday life.

Pitch: This is a show aired on UTV Bloomberg. A fresh breath to the reality TV shows minus the drama, emotions, and gossip. This show has a lineup of competing entrepreneurs who have diverse ideas and are looking for some seed capital to take their current business ideas to the next level. Every week they have a celebrity businessman who understands certain aspects of each idea or poses a challenge to all participants to present their area of interest. I admit that when i was surfing channels, I hit the "back" button on my remote due to the show's host - Boman Irani but thereafter it was the show that kept me intrigued for the rest of the hour.

Master Chef Australia: (Yes, not India!) This show apart from appealing to foodies and cooks globally also engages the mass (read: me) due to the way it is presented, the freshness each episode brings with it, the methodologies and equipments used, the science and logic, the different accents spoken in, the personalities brought in by different professions, its all there. This is a website for those who aspire to do some social good, but may not be doing enough due to lack of time, opportunities or plain laziness. This organisation supports cottage industries and rural crafts by showcasing their work and raising funds online. The difference is that the funds are not a donation, but rather a loan, a sum that you receive in return with a minimal interest too. So it both serves your conscience and pockets at the same time!

Abhijit Bhaduri's Blog: Finally, this is the latest blog to catch my attention for sometime. The Chief Learning Officer for the Wipro Group, this individual has a very layman tone to his blog and yet those that create a striking impact. He writes about management, about life, satires, and his books. His latest title, "Married yet available" may just be the reason to click away into his blogging world.

Overload of information certainly exits and I sigh thinking "I wish there was an easier way to segregate the bits"