Everyday Sagas

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This is how my day was, is and will be:

Scene#1: At Office -
I had enough work to last me all morning (ahem, afternoon). There was a new joinee, thus I coordinated some joining formalities, joined him for a cup of coffee, handed him over to his designated buddy, handled the paperwork. It was already time for lunch! Post-Lunch, I sat at my desk to complete a report, screen some CV's and complete some small tasks. Then, I logged in to the usual iGoogle, and there were 3 chat pop-ups in the span of 3 seconds. I religiously responded and continued to log on to my mail accounts, followed by my Facebook account. I logged on to a video posted on my wall with one of the latest ads from MTV's "Stay Raw" series. This hooked me on to the site for the next one hour where I saw almost all the other ads in the same campaign, and successfully managed to rope in my bay members and my chat friends to do the same. Then I surfed, twiddled, talked about the weather.. and so you get the drift!
Myth#1: Indian corporate firms make you slog like donkeys while the world is celebrating Christmas..!

Scene#2: Out-of-Office -
With the house as my destination, I marched boldly with the chai-shops, coconut water carts and shouting auto drivers passing me by. There is no point in asking the latter to drop me home as they will charge me 3-fold for the 3 km distance. When suddenly one or two hop in your way you ask them knowing well what their answer is. So it's something like this:
Auto 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5  - Where do you want to go (in Kannada, hindi, or body language)
Me - Jeevanbhimanagar
Auto 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - 50 Rs madame
Me - No
Auto 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - How much will you give?
Me - Meter charge
Auto 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 - Eyebrows raise with shock, disgust, and your-so-stupid look
Auto 10 - Do you want to go to Jayanagar madame?
Me (thinking) - When did autos start having a specific destination like buses?
But then again, on second thoughts, with them anything is possible.
Myth#2: Autos are for public service!

Scene#3: Bus -
Conversation among two girls sitting opposite:
Girl 1 (To conductor): Does this bus goto BTM?
Conductor: Silk Board
Girl 2: Don't worry, we'll catch another bus from there
Girl 1: Nothing's going right
Girl 2: Everything will be fine
Girl 1: Do you like that song which I keep listening to?
Girl 2: Which one?
Girl 1: "Sheila ki Jawani"
Girl 2: Yea. (With eyes lit up) I like Munni too
Myth#3: Sheila and Munni is the topic of discussion among the male fraternity!

Scene#4: Home -
I reach home hungry, tired (don't ask me why) and slightly sick. I contemplate whether I should have dinner or not after which I think what can I cook that is fast, tasty, and filling. After running through a few options in my mind, I begin to romanticize about not eating.
After an hour - Burp! Excuse me.. Just finished the spaghetti
Myth#5: I am soooo thin that I survive by consuming air!

Scene#5: Laptop -
Its been a long time since I have written. Oh, who's going to search for a topic, let me just play some online games, or watch a movie, or wait download the latest episode of "How I met your mother." Oh, but I saw that only yesterday. (Groan) Fine, let me just write.
Myth#6: Do what you love so that it never feels like a task!

Well, the truth of the matter is that WE DO WHAT WE HAVE TO DO.
The seasoning, though, is upto us.  


Shabu said...

i LOVED this one !! :D