Setting up of The HR Department - II

Saturday, November 13, 2010

As mentioned in an earlier article, I would like to share with you how I have helped set up the HR department in my current organisation. Here I am a HR generalist (who is not heading the department, thankfully!) that involves activities related to process implementations, training, PMS, grievance handling and HRIS.

The experience has been fantastic as I can distinctly see the contribution I have been making by doing more hands-on work. Initially, I handled recruitment for a couple of months which gave me an opportunity to explore the operations teams. It helped me understand the functionality of different business units and interact with different teams at a larger level. During this time, some of our constraints and roadblocks came to the forefront.

Post-Recruitment when I moved to a generalist role, our focus was to set the basic processes right. There were a lot of first's for me at TAS in the last 6 months, which give me a sense of substantiality.

I started by designing the induction process and conducting them for new joinees. This gave me a deeper insight into work carried out and gave me scope to interact with the new joinees. Then, I conducted my 1st training program which gave me a big high. A decent feedback after a lot of apprehension always feels a tad bit better :) . Then I moved on to designing the PMS system, which is still ongoing. The research and effort gone behind getting this right was essential and as it has been unfolding slowly certainly seems worth the effort. We are conducting a 360 feedback system which essentially is aiming to help each person in every aspect of their role (Team member/Supervisor/Peer). Apart from this, I have been handling HRIS to ensure smooth operations and track recruiting progress within the organization.

It has been a fun 6 months which highlighted intensive learning, hands-on implementation, and hard work. while the trust placed in me has increased my confidence two-fold.

In short, I am glad I was part of Setting-Up the HR Department and I hope its just the beginning...