"March"ing to Goa

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have heard a lot of people raving about Goa, knowing not what the fuss is all about.. but sure thing, I believe the state deserves it! My recent 5-day trip to Goa was over in 5 minutes.. With the constant activity, overflowing diversity, disproportional choices it is difficult not to get lost in that world. It is truly distinct from the other states where one can genuinely party for all day (and all night) long..!

A quick advice on the places one might like to peek into - For beaches, Zuri (white sand beach), Benaulim and Baga were great. Baga, although crowded, is a must for economical adventurists! I would have imagined Goa beaches to be crowded, commercialised and dirty but to my surprise it was clean, less populated and fun.. For shopping, the Anjuna flea markets on Wednesdays, the stores lined near Baga are pleasent to the eye and a steal for the wallets.. For eat-outs, Tito's for Pizzas, Brittos for Desserts and Martin's Corner is a must for all the greedy palettes. Additionally, the ambience and the crowd is a bliss at Zanzibar, Cafe Looda and Cape Town Cafe!! You can end the day with a dinner at the Riverside restaurant of Leela's .. its ambience will sooth you like never before..

The feeling when that first wave sends you tumbling in the sea.. The solitude when you see dim lights across the land scape.. The constant cool sand your feet always touch.. The everlasting romance in the air is surely worth a few visits..

I am not the biggest fan of The Sun, Sand, and Beach.. I am having second thoughts..  


Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...


Great that you had a wonderful time at Goa...

I personally, found the place to be painfully boring............you could not do too much, but go & have a drink in the evening's.

What gives Goa, its USP, is the freewheeling spirit that touched you...........I'm not surprised, after Kolkata & Ahmedabad!

I'm sure you missed the Saint's body in Panaji, which has been preserved, for 400 years.Now had you written about that, you would have got my attention.....

And to top it all, Goan wine is abysmal.......

The joke is, after all this, I was considering setting shop in the place,,,,,,,,,

Radhika said...

I caught your attention anyway :)

And after the trip I am looking forward to a few more Goa Trips..

As for the wine, we had a rose sula wine which was delightful!

Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...


The grapes for the Rose Sula is grown in Nashik & the wine is manufactured either in Bangalore & Pune!


Next time you are in Bangalore, I'll introduce you to some wine which is not to be drunk, interspread with munching on french fries & pop corn!

& to wind down your trip you could have called on Mario Miranda!