An "Apple" today..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The iPad reaffirms the fact that small is the way to go. A tablet device that enables one towards Worldwide connectivity, Multimedia ubiquity and a small step in advanced Technology. But ofcourse, surrounded is a lot of noise about its demerits such as no Camera, no Flash support and no Cost consideration.

Now I like what Apple is doing. Their two big products - MacBook and iPhone brought in a flood of customer loyalty, appreciation and die-hard fans. The MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and now the iPad are just plugging the in-between gaps. They are just appealing to those who are convinced about the Apple products but are still not their customers; luring them with what might possibly be an inch closer to their decision making.

The marketers of Apple have done an excellent job to create a Brand Appeal. The iPad is cool, classy, and stylish. A utility which is portable and among the latest. It may not appeal to most for an upgradation from their previous instruments but it sure will appeal to the untapped mass segment.

You want cheap, user-friendly and all the assortments under the same palms.. By the sound of it, Apple did not ever promise them!