New Year Wishes..

Thursday, December 31, 2009

On this New Year Eve I solemnly promise:

To party harder (and work hard too)! .. To grow closer to being a party animal, a nomad, a spendthrift. To experience the small and biggies in life and live the "Larger than Life" Image..

To listen to my heart more often than my head. I think I should be making more mistakes in my life than I already am..

To become more stubborn, put my foot down, throw tantrums so that I fulfill my desires by hook or by crook.. I am not so convinced about after births so I just have 1 life for now..

To crack horrible PJ's and disgust those around me so that I become the "you-can-love-or-hate-me-but-cannot-ignore-me" types..

To learn absolutely new skills so that I am the Jack-of-all-Trades for knowledge, experience, envy and fun! Ok.. Its more about envy and fun.. and am already a master in one - MBA degree remember? (Please refer to the above clause and if you din't get it call me!)..

.. and lastly To leave Gujarat ASAP ...


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and hoping that, along with mine, all your wishes come true!

Continue being reckless.. Your right.. It's fun! :D  


Capt A.Nagaraj Subbarao said...

Happy New Year!

shabu said...

loved this one more....

especially the line before amen!!!!


come on down here...will help you with that bit. :D

Radhika said...

Thank you Shabu for FINALLY commenting on my blog rather than FB.. Hope you continue doing it more often.. :) .. With regard to the latter lemme get in touch wid u!