Eurostar makes Christmas memorable

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

As people proceeded to indulge in their Christmas and New Year plan's the Eurostar's breakdown came as a rude bump. 75000 passengers are still said to be caught up in the "Eurostar Backlog" and the waiting queues seem to be only on an increase. Simultaneously, airlines and ferries are making merry when people are desperately trying to hit the Exit Emergency button and are in turn cashing out their hard-earned money so that they can spend time with their loved ones during this special occasion.

Airline prices to Paris have shot up more than 1,100 Pounds while the customer loyalty has shot down as many points under. Remember when Jet Pilots striked. People were part of a mayhem and chaos but the other airlines were laying golden eggs. From a humanistic point of view it is plain cruel but from a business point of view, do you view some business sense?

When I encounter such news and information I always feel that companies during these times throw it all away. All the hardwork through marketing, advertising; the efforts that are made to spread goodwill; the competitive advantage that they try to gain through customer service, is all washed out in one single gesture. But then again, have we personally ever vowed to NOT fly the airline again, to NOT visit the store again, to NOT do business with the company again? I figure not. As customers we forget after a passage of time unless the impact is deep-rooted. So the business sense, I guess, makes sense after all. And even if it doesn't a quick buck or two never hurt, did it?