My Dell Latitude..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adieu! I may have replaced you with a new machine but I would like to thank you for the 24/7 support you provided.

I thank you for serving me well day and night, you were overworked and I pushed you many times to work beyond your capacity. But you hardly complained.. I would treat you badly, throw you around and throw things over you, am sure you were pained but I continued.. I would let others treat you worse than I did, they continued to harass and use you but you survived.

You were the dream machine who did not give up on me and were there with me during my tough times (exams), fun times (games and movies), tensed times (unemployment days) and memorable times (photos and social networking). You have been more a part of my life than any living being, you have been more loyal than a friend, more helpful than a saint.

I will always recommend your efficiency, your toughness and endurance. I am sure that now that hands have changed you will be find a better owner, who will take care of you and give you the life you deserve. Surely, I will miss you!