"Jewel of the West" (Pun Intended)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the west of India, there is a "pac-man" like structure called Gujarat and within that is a dot somewhere, yes right there is Ahemdabad.. (oops pac-man just gobbled that up too!). Ahemdabad is known for its textiles, spices, agriculture etc. The CEPT, IIM, NIFT stand tall here and the city proudly shows of its cultural acumen but alas! it is equally (in) famous for other pecularities.

For starters, they actually believe that all men and women are their brothers and sisters so once you enter this state you are automatically a ben even if you don't want to be one!

Laziness is the middle name of every person in Gujarat. It is so laidback and casual that at times it feels that you are part of a 50's black-and-white movie where every note of music is also strained. One may almost dare to wish that there be a fast-forward button plugged in to help them stay remotely connected to the pace of the world.

Foodies.. Yes they are but foodies whose bodies almost ooze butter and oil instead of sweat.. the dripping ghee, the sweets are like gravitational pulls towards their mouths which eventually reside in different part of their body called Fat!

Money.. they've got plently.. hidden under their carpets, locked in the ceilings but not fathomed in the shape of haughty lifestyle, designer clothes, Mercs much to the dismay of the onlookers. For an outsider it actually translates into a low-profile city with less money and a simple lifestyle.
Lastly (Actually I am ending this because I am too scared to be thrown out of the city..), Gujarat is a dry state.. yes.. really.. not a hint of a drop of alcohol, okay I admit the black market is therefore flocked with bootleggers consequentially leading to the recent havoc on the elaborate deaths due to spurious liquor sold in the labelled bottles.

Apart from the above, as a state there's lots that it offers.. tradition, history, values, comfortable life, socialization, but somehow the zeal, passion, competition, killer-attitude, cruelty seems amiss.. and then I could almost see the halo developing around my head (insight, you see) .. I am just not the right fit!

I can almost remember those classroom discussions where we were told that it is important to find the right person for the right job; for a company; and now I may add for a state! The intangibilities are so fascinating.. atleast I am convinced that for my profession I am the right fit.