3's a crowd....!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jostling past the crowd I weaved into "National Handloom" this afternoon for a tiny requirement. "Diwali Dhamaka", "50% Discounts" blah blah ... The population overflowing; The Salespeople overworked; People nudged, pushed; the AC was surely not enough to stop the sweat from dripping. I winced helplessly.

The density population of various countries are as follows:
Australia - 2.833/sqkm
U.S. - 31/sqkm
U.K. - 246/sqkm
Japan - 337.6/sqkm
India - 364.4/sqkm (Mind Boggling!)

I always imagine myself being in places where the crowd is scanty, roads are deserted, people are few and freindly and one does not have to huff and puff to get a breath of fresh air. It must be nice to go to a mall and see just about a 100 people; a beach where you can run by yourself without the litter, picnic spreads and dodging kids; a restaurant where you can find a cozy seat wthout grabbing the first dirty table after an hour of waiting.

Festivals bring its share of hustle and bustle (a gross understatement, atleast in India). The Park streets of Kolkata, the Brigade Roads of Bangalore, the CG roads of Ahemdabad are thronged by crowds, vehicles, hawkers and even cows! One may almost find solace inside the house and wish that he could hide under the sheets until the lights are dimmed and noises fade.

Entity - I like; Herds - I like; Flocks - I Disdain...

.... Diagnosis: Agoraphobia (perhaps a lesser degree of it).


rajat said...

I was going to Puri via Puri Express and in the train I met some foreigners from Australia. He told me his wife had a nervous breakdown in Howrah station just because of seeing so many people. They were from interiors of Australia and were not used to seeing so many people at one place !!!

Also you forgot to add the density population in Cities which are
Mumbai : 29875
Kolkata : 27462
Delhi : 28443
Chennai : 25357
Banglore : 23475

Food for thought !!
In the top 50 Cities as per Population Density, 23 cities are from India feature while only Macau features from China.

Radhika said...

Hmm .. interesting info.. should have taken some pointers from you before I wrote the blog.. as for the lady I can't even imagine the horror she would have felt. Poor lady! :D